Social responsability


At Hotel Canto del Sol we are committed to carrying out our operations with integrity, honesty and in a legitimate manner. That is why we act in accordance with nationally and internationally recognized norms and human rights.

Our interest is to guarantee the adequate conditions so that our human resources have an optimal development in their activities and thus promote their progress within our company.

The Hotel Canto del Sol Management, in accordance with its principles of excellence, is committed to complying with the following principles:

  • Equity. Accept and understand the different conditions presented by our collaborators, guaranteeing dignified and fair treatment.
  • Communication. Working with open communication, any collaborator will have the confidence to present their concerns and proposals to improve their well-being at work.
  • Absence of discrimination and harassment We are committed to preventing unwanted conduct such as discrimination, harassment, threats, intimidation, and abuse of authority.
  • Imagen. That our collaborators feel they belong to our hotel and are worthy representatives is important, for this reason it is the responsibility of Hotel Canto del Sol to provide uniforms in optimal conditions.
  • Training and development. Taking care of the training that promotes the professional development of our collaborators, creating areas of opportunity for growth.
  • Recognition.Recognize the performance of its collaborators when they stand out in the fulfillment of their work activities through different incentives.
  • Communities. We respect the rights of the community, committing ourselves to be active members of society.


At Hotel Canto del Sol we give the highest priority to the prevention of incidents, we are committed to preserving the well-being, integrity, health and safety of our guests, collaborators and visitors.

In order to achieve the highest levels of health and safety in our organization, we declare the following basic principles of our policy:

  • We owe ourselves to the service of our clients, we are socially committed, we guarantee the preservation of the environment and the health of our workers and all those who at some point occupy our facilities or provide them with a good or service, respecting the legal and regulatory framework established for each case.
  • We recognize the need and obligation for continuous improvement in the quality of our products, services, processes and working conditions. We achieve this with a job well done at the first opportunity and making sure that no task is carried out without the corresponding security measures.
  • Human capital is the most important value that guarantees our future as an organization. For this reason, it must be identified with its objectives and its opinions must be considered, both from those who make up our workforce, as well as contractors, providers, suppliers and customers.
  • The right to know is an essential component of our processes, inputs and activities. All activities are carried out without compromising health and safety aspects due to economic or productivity considerations.
  • Collaborators have the right to express their doubts about the possible risks involved in their activities, which must be satisfactorily resolved before continuing the work, by the chain of command.
  • Compliance with the standards aimed at preserving the health of employees, contractors, suppliers, providers, and visitors, as well as the organization's assets and the conservation of the environment, are a necessary condition for working in this organization.


Hotel Canto del Sol is committed to supporting and working with the local community in which we find ourselves. We encourage the commitment to contribute to the care of our environment, preserve and promote the destination’s culture and heritage as well as the local economy.

Our objectives:

  • Create jobs.
  • Prepare successful professionals.
  • Education.
  • Respect and protect the local culture, traditions and way of life.
  • Environmental care.
  • Support for non-profit institutions.

To meet our objectives we do the following:

  • We promote with our guests the community’s traditional destinations, local products and services.
  • We support Education with the establishment of agreements at the Higher and Higher Secondary level to train competitive professionals in our facilities.
  • We offer support to our collaborators and family members so that they can successfully complete their basic education studies.
  • We provide our guests with guidance on how to behave responsibly outside of the hotel towards the local population, flora and fauna.
  • To the extent possible, we give preference to local and regional products and services as indicated in our purchasing policy.
  • We give priority to our local market the employment opportunities that are generated in the company, taking into account both recently graduated candidates and candidates who meet the required profile.
  • We are members of the National Code of Conduct for the protection of children and adolescents against sexual exploitation in travel and tourism, to help prevent the exploitation of children in our community.
  • We establish a strategy of support and collaboration, evaluating institutions´requests for promoting collections with our guests, collaborators and visitors.
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